Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm just realizing how long it's been since I updated our blog.  It has been a long time, like 8 months.  Lots have changed and we are grateful for all the challenges and new adventures. Since today is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a great time to reflect upon the last 8 months and give everyone an update on us. Since my last post was in March, here's what happened after that.

April: We are so thankful for family reunions.  My parents take the family on a vacation to San Diego.  One of their favorite spots.  Almost the whole family was there.  Andrew and his family were in Virginia selling security systems and couldn't make it. The trip included the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, San Diego Temple, Old town , the beach and so much more!  Oh ya, and Kade and I had to visit Disneyland. We actually arrived a day early so we could spend time at our happy place. We then met everyone in San Diego.

May: We are grateful for Temples and being Married for Time and All Eternity. Mitchell married his high school sweet heart Lainee in the Idaho Falls temple!

June We are grateful for new adventures and advances in Kade's career.  He took 2nd out of 13 people to become a motorcycle cop.  I got to Pin the "Wings" on.
In June Kade and Cody took Arica and I to St. George to redeem our birthday gifts.  We saw the Little Mermaid at Tuacahn.  It was amazing.

 July: We are grateful for our great nation.  July was full of Kade riding in Parades!  He was so thrilled. Just kidding, that's not his idea of fun, but it was fun for me to cheer him on take pic of him.

August: We are grateful for Service.  Kade put his new accessory to the next level.  He participated in Shop with a cop back to school.  This normally occurs at Christmas; However, a large donation was given to the SLC police for money to help with back to school. They invite officers from other organizations to help with the activities due to volume of children they are helping. It was fun to be the fly on the wall and let Kade interact with the kids. 

September: We are grateful to Grant Hyland, Kade's buddy and our Realtor.  HE sold our house in an alarming 3 weeks. We never even got the lock box on the house or a for sale sign in the yard.  Our neighbors thought we were joking until I posted a pic of the house being all boxed up.  I'm also grateful to my amazing in laws who let us live in their house for weeks while we finalized on the new house. Since I can't seem to find the pic of all the boxes I guess I wont post it.  I can't believe how much stuff we accumulated in 3 years. 

October: So thankful for Kade's family, the Skinner family, and Mitchell and Lainee. They moved us out of and into the new house.  So here is an update on our address.  It is now 331 W. Hills Drive Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

 1693 S. Spring Creek Ranch Rd. Lehi
331 W. Hills Drive Saratoga Springs, Ut 84045

November: I'm grateful for a new niece!  Kendle had her 3rd baby.  I got to go home a few weeks ago and meet her.  I fell in love right away.  November also brought us settling into the new house. We were able to poor concrete at the house and we are now working on a fence and landscaping.  As things are completed I'll share more pic. 

Kade and I also got to squeeze in a vacation during all the unpacking.  We took another jaunt down to Disneyland.  We got to experience the park both Halloween and Christmas!  We saw it SNOW on main street Disney.  It was pretty magical.

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  1. Hey-thanks for the update! I was so excited to read about all that you have been up to! So jealous about all the Disney Land trips! Thanks for the address- I actually have already addressed my Christmas cards, but I will get you a new envelope :) It was good to see an update, thanks for posting!!